Saturday, April 23, 2016

Confessions from one who loves red

Nevertheless, I am drawn to graphite;  I gravitate to gray.  Gray is such a perhaps-color, don't you think?  Perhaps, this is why I have had numerous love affairs with the word "perhaps."  By the way, there is little if any "perhaps" in my liking of food.  On that subject, I'm decisive. And with poetry?  I can answer that in a blink:

there is no "perhaps" when she wears red shoes

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  1. Archival

    Looking at exhibition of lightning rods in a field in new mexico as described in arts magazine 5/80 and thinking it applies swell to certain aspects of one's own written ideas

    "most of all the poles (words?) are eerie because of their content and configuration--
    a perfect steel grid of 400 units located in the untouched, uninhabited
    remote desert mountains

    "although we know a great deal of technology went into their installation,
    there remains no traces of the process"

    1980, hawaii, marbled blue book, vw