Friday, March 11, 2016


In whose voice?  It's important to know who is telling you the story.  Perspective and all of that.
So, today as frequently occurs, it's the voice of haiku.  Let's be candid, sometimes a picture best captures the voice.

Hey, Kit, look outside it's raining.  Here's a good view for your blog.  Come closer. 
See.  Good huh?  Now put it through that crazy app.  I think it's called Circular.
Told you!  Please give me credit and put extra tuna in my bowl.   
There you have it -- the entire petite story with credit (full disclosure?) to haiku


  1. Each successive pharaoh looks at the sky--
    time seems to stretch and rush through itself...
    Coffee cools, steam rises mornings in the mountains,
    in the cities, graces us...
    I go to the fullness of the air