Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Today's perspective on yesterday

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quite a leap!
When leaping, it is the beginning or the ending which most matters?
This I know for sure:  to begin a project (writing or cooking) requires the lessons of leaping.

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  1. leaving into a backlog of participation, as super tuesday fuels and foments, this writer must leap into a collection of journals from times past...and they present dilemmas and delights, and decisions, aesthetic and overwrought (both) to be made

    how long ago and far away it all seems today--like a dream in which I still walk, thought intermittently
    in and out of streets, memories, buildings once so important on folsom street, or capp, now gone
    motion for the sake of forgetting, moving to forget or remember, walking through old times to keep it off balance, unsettled
    this I wonder if the artist must do

    all of a sudden I am thirsty

    I think of old watering holes, dives of renown, never thinking I would love them and lose them, like old friends

    fishes, take the fish off the hook

    1990 sf, ca