Thursday, March 31, 2016

Flower pot

You probably haven't thought of a cityscape from the perspective of a flower pot.  First you need to know that a flower pot's take on things is never singular.  A flower pot takes in all angles, height and depth.  Just see above.  What spills forth!

Now can you image how simple carrots see the baking tray and the ravenous mouth of an oven as they are put in to bake?

And how do the perfectly suited tango partners of paper and pen decide who leads?

1 comment:

  1. ecclesiastical rampage on the porch of our desires:
    how to temper the urges and defeat normal tones?

    the latest fashion does nothing to encourage--
    yet she lies still, so willing to comply

    Aching wall, fill in the blanks
    why soldier on if the deck is rotting?

    an old friend's birthday is something to behold
    and her message, so difficult to ignore....

    for patti, for judy also 5/16/26