Thursday, March 31, 2016

After folks leave a dining table

where the meal has been eye-filling and nourishing, the conversation doesn't.  Talk lingers learning to embrace silence's echo.  Just one of those minor principles of physics, rarely mentioned.  But remarkably refreshing in dreams and in the writing down of non sequiturs.  Each word has an echo; each word, a non sequitur.  And what is an eye-filling and nourishing meal?  Imagine.  Listen.

1 comment:

  1. a fragment of a dream which left me shaking:

    gargoyle jumps out of truck, wraps me up in garbage bags, lifts me up some stairway when I try to scream of course nothing happens and as I am trying to punch watery eye of the monster I see my family sitting down to dinner.

    Oh and the scary thing asks "what do you know about new orleans?"

    Have to share the dream or it continues to haunt. How do we make our own symbols and spin them out to ourselves?

    Lots going on in these waking hours....and perhaps even more in these sleeping ones.