Sunday, February 7, 2016


Glisten with the unexpected.  In this case, light.  Or in Latin, "lux."  See left-side middle of image. Here's the unexpected. This image is an installation of prayer-flags.  I added "Fiat Lux" as my prayer. When I put the photo through the app Circular, 1/2 of my prayer appeared. What are the odds that it would surface in this photo?

The mouth has a taste for mushroom pizza. That's what a friend serves you for dinner with a martini which is another form of the verb, "to glisten."

1 comment:

  1. The wind is roaring today
    students are running from and to it
    as once I did run to it and all and you
    it is okay not to run as once we did
    but a lifetime of to and fro makes a rhythm
    and a nuisance and a laugh
    The wind instigates such chaos today
    such change in the outlook, in the hills beyond
    all the blooms of a thousand trees land
    in some new place, in some new voice
    which says in its own way
    I am still aloft with running
    if only in my wildest dreams