Thursday, November 26, 2015


as in giving.  At Ann's in Walnut Creek for Thanksgiving and she's assembled nifty appetizers.  I thank her for the celery stalks stuffed with blue cheese.  I'm enjoying the small dish of cashews, too.  She reminds me and in a flood of gratitude I remember I told Ann as a child holiday meals for me included stuffed celery with blue cheese & nut cups.  I thought life quite splendid.  And a splendid day today is.  The leaves hung around in agreement.  Later there will be words on the page.

1 comment:

  1. Constellations, as in 9/10

    The watchful eyes of the languishing allies
    and soon after a newfangled territorial dispute

    in rides the calvary, dashing in their fine hats
    muskets aloft, failing and disinterested, lights too dim

    Where does the picnic go when there are clouds,
    when there is rain?

    The myths of families must be upheld
    So much resides in their retelling

    cp 491