Friday, November 27, 2015


and grateful.

The space that once showcased the LGBT mural of love
now boarded over. Not a clean, clear canvas.  A board.  Sad.  Very.
And below the opposite -- a close-to full moon illuminating
San Francisco.

Grateful for memory.  Hopeful the mural will be re-created.
Grateful for each turn of the moon. Grateful for last night's
Thanksgiving dinner with friends.

Hopeful for the next poem to appear.


  1. Constellations, 9/10

    Mountains, big skies, dry lands beckon
    off into another weather where lineage resides

    A tall tale told by uncles, Kodak pictures, a medallion
    Old pals hit the alleyways, hoping for jubilation

  2. Constellations, 9/10

    Relief it seems so simple
    to console, to puzzle, to undermine

    yet behind the glasses, a wayward glare
    the sure hand of the mentor, sitting by her side

    cp 499