Sunday, November 22, 2015


These the colors & these the shapes I wish for every meal.  For every poem.  A meal and a poem share one thing -- a palette.  Nature is never unsure of its canvas.  Never untruthful.  Although a trick of the eye is always welcomed.

And breakfast, you ask?  Toasted walnut bread with a drizzle of olive oil and abundant slices of Fuyu persimmons.  Why this abundance?  Getting ready to celebrate my friend Kim's birthday.

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  1. Constellations 8/10

    Petticoats sparkle in the reticent heat
    Where are the visitors? The workmen?

    The universe as we know it expands and contracts
    around a set of books--the two share sardines, mint leaves, olives

    In the background, an industrial toy, grating, incessant
    In her mind, a backyard of lavender, the fountain fixed and running

    cp 479