Friday, November 27, 2015


Faces are not restricted to people, animals, birds, fish.  Flowers have faces.  Food, too.  Especially, pies.  Berry pies, in particular.

Blueberry & peach pie by Milton

 And yes, you can read faces in tea leaves and in fallen leaves.

Where's the poem you ask?  Look under the third leaf on the lower right corner.

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  1. Constellations, 9/10

    Sunday faces looking for the right sounds
    zippered livestock along the highway eaves

    parts of old motorcycles, brazen grass
    scattered on the railroad tracks

    waiting in the hot air, waiting for the fog to roll back in
    the ladies go on sleeping, as if there were storms

    Plans upended, all takes on the sheen of innocence
    Shifting sands on faraway lands, and yet we go on walking

    cp 503