Wednesday, October 21, 2015


as ground for petite-like pumpkins, fallen. A table -- with or without cloth -- is the perfect ground for a meal.  A meal is the perfect ground for a poem.  All very vibrant & fall-ish.   And what's not to love when these petite pumpkins look surprisingly like persimmons.   

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  1. At KF's Table (5)

    Many stories were heard and heard again, as living in the present equals erasing the past. For example, last visit not recalled by husband or wife, though it is vivid in the visitor's mind. If one party remembers and the other does not, did it take place? Of course, but not as a team or group activity. Someone must record these things, I suppose.

    8. Lingo butter
    all fried up

    always the seagulls
    the neighbor
    full of

    Luvvin' the idea of lingo butter! As for seagulls, when you grow up near the Long Island Sound, there is always the sound of scavengers of the sea, leftover fish and chips, squawks in the sky, claiming the salty air and the right to dive.

    (cp 421)