Sunday, October 25, 2015

Strawberries in the sky

Oh really!  Well, Arbutus unedo -- strawberry tree.  In the manzanita family.  White flowers, bumpy red and yellow fruit.  It is said the fruit is edible, though an unusual texture. I've never reached high enough to try a taste. A nectar source for the California Dogface butterfly & the Monarch, too.


Her dream lifted her to where the sky is full of strawberries.  Tasting just one, she awoke as a Monarch butterfly.

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  1. Rearrangements (from May 2010, Constellations)

    The learning river overflows across the plains
    and delivers a message of despair

    Walking toward a horizon and a figure
    appears to be in trouble

    Old and awful voices string out along the church halls
    So now eternity is on the menu, oafish concerns

    Left at the barnyard door. The hook is hanging
    on the battered wall and is unlikely to hold

    Streaking across the meridian, an arc of copper,
    sweet ore of the earth, rain somewhere headed here

    cp 431