Monday, September 7, 2015


and prisms.  Look at these wish/prayer flags at Cornerstone in Sonoma.  Gratitude for Cornerstone -- a must visit.  (23570 Arnold Dr, Sonoma CA 95476, 707.933.3010).  What's not to like about outdoor seating, a cafe, wine tastings & gardens of blooms, fruit, and vegetables.  These gardens blend vegetation with art.  And where there is vegetation & art, there is gratitude.  And what follows after gratitude?   A ripe holiday meal & poems & stories. Cornerstone -- my newest gratitude treasure.

Here's a taste of Cornerstone.  Prayer flags -- ripe with gratitude & prisms spinning light.

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  1. Pivotal Point 2

    Scraps of paper found in the old booklet:
    her writings of childhood, edited later on.
    And in the large rooms of her grandmother's house,
    secrets in the walls. She and her sister hiding flowers,
    beads, and photos of their friends.
    Once the window's open, no more antiquity in the wind.