Saturday, August 8, 2015


nearby -- the tagline Georgia O'Keeffe used to sign her correspondence.  So, I'm at the "faraway,"  aka Strybing Arboretum and encournter this plant in the Fragrance Garden.  It appears both otherwordly & familiar.

When I discover the name of the plant, I am delighted as only a good punchline amuses:

& there's more.  I'm walking in the nearby, down my street by the house with the lush vegetation where I always linger to see what can be seen.  Yes, yes, Rincinus Communis.   Living in the happy Faraway nearby.  

So what's for lunch?  Something celebratory & colorful.  

Pizza Faraway Nearby:  fresh figs, tomato, feta, walnuts, black pepper.  Yummy.  

& the poem:


one should be as greedy for love
as one is for the ripest of peaches 

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  1. INTIMACY cp353

    I have a nephew who rarely smiles. He is now seven. At m\y sister's second wedding, he held the ring on a small velvet pillow through the ceremony, then went to the back of the house and stood there facing the wall. One by one, the members of the immediate family tried to talk him into rejoining the festivities. My sister Wendy sat on the bed and glared at his small bond head and said in fairly even tones: "I know what you're tryin' to do, Justin, and I'm not goin' to let you wreck this day for me." We thought she was being hard on him, but as it turned out she knew him better than we did, and it would have been faster if everyone had just butted out and let them do battle. her other child, a daughter, is always smiling. Even Wendy agrees it is just as dangerous.