Monday, August 24, 2015


The right-hand corner was not cut away like torn paper.  And this day in Glen Park Canyon the sky was not white.  So why a photo snapped seconds apart & the lighting differs.  What doesn't, is the belladonna in the foregrown.  Amaryllis belladonna or Naked ladies at the base of the boulder. Fragile & rugged.  Makes me think of a bowl with angel hair pasta and a fresh tomato sauce made with heirloom tomatoes -- more pink than red.  More delicate than hearty.  & nourishing bread from a hearty loaf like a boulder.  & the poem you ask?  She's mimicing a crow.  Do you see her?  In the upper left corner in the eucalyptus.   Poems are like that.  Or perhaps she's in the empty corner to the right?

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  1. Before I leave for California, my father wonders where he has put the new gas grill. It is probably out in the garage with the bocce set, he says. We bought them for a lawn party after the wedding.

    He is on the phone to the family doctor. "Can you do something please? i don't think I can continue this way."

    Early the next morning, my father comes out of the studio. He has put a bed up in the loft, where he will now be sleeping.