Thursday, August 20, 2015


glass.  BART & bicycles.  Art is everywhere and frequently behind glass  But this art is removed & replaced many times, although not put back in the same place.  Much like a poem and a meal. Repeated many times (perhaps, several times a day).  Never the same -- quite.   Something sweet about the irony of all those BART wheels moving noisy on rails  and these above deliciously silent.  Exactly what a poem wishes.  Ah, the appreciative silence after a satisfying meal.  

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  1. cp 379 Intimacy

    I would like to visit the Orient some day. I understand the gardens in Japan are very orderly and clean. I don't recall seeing any leaves in the pictures of them. I suppose a very formal attitude goes along with that. Nothing ever seems completely satisfactory, though sometimes I will feel a real calm inside, when all the pieces make sense for a while, like a ship moving straight and sure toward its destination.

    -end-"ships" 76CA