Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Between delight & a tad sad.  Here's the delight -- a beauty as yet unnamed to me.  Blooming in the garden for the first time this season.  What's sad isn't in the picture.  The orange cherry tomatoes are a bit underwhelmed.  The unexpected heat?  Insufficient water?  Too late in the ground?   The one I ate this morning was indeed delicious, but alas not enough to satisfy the company of hungry mozzarella.  Yesterday's poem gave ear to the otherwordly and the sad otherwordliness of our drought.


antenna on the go
receiivng fin, scale, feather
a banquet shaped by fanciful purpose
& magic of all stripes
look out
night approaches
mayhem abounds
leave your watery fear
on the shore

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  1. ccp 373 Intimacy

    A chinese friend of mine says she isn't sentimental at all. We had lunch in a small place in Chinatown where they roll carts of hot food around and you pick whatever you want. She chose all the dishes for us with great care and poured my tea. She says she left home at a daring age, defying her parents to study study medicine in Paris. She writes compact poetry about the old people of Chinatown, who sit in the park over games and talk about going back.