Friday, August 7, 2015


Latin is rampant.  Especially in the Strybing arboretum.  Asparagaceae.  The lily family which asparagus is part.  Also, these beauties -- pineapple lillies.  And should you ask, dinner was delicious alas, no aspargus & no pineapple (of any kind).  And, yes, no lillies on the table though the garden has several.

P.S.  I've always thought of a pen as a fine asparagus spear.  Would you agree?

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  1. INTIMACY cp349

    One ship looked like it was moving, only if you watched it for a long time, hours, it left a stream of white wash behind it but never got any closer. Just looked like it was moving, because the wind was blowing water around it.

    Here's what I've learned so far: everything doesn't take a day to get the way it is, so everything doesn't take a day to go away.

    Also, that it is not as big as it once seemed, can be broken into smaller pieces. These I can talk about, now that I've tried tried, but found it hard when leaves are burning, with the danger of them blowing away.