Monday, July 27, 2015


from a simple, rough-hewed bench, the city sweeps below.  I'm thinking if this is what a plate feels
when a salad is offered its lap?

And the poem, words?

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  1. What happens when one starts to sort and review one's immense pile of papers? Hurrying towards empty desk surfaces, one is stalled by the complex world one has constructed via paper and paper goods. For example, a set of index cards which are the basis of a long-forgotten project with a fellow artist. A set of words to which images may be attached in some form:

    hegemony and 7
    pummel the boathook
    outlines of the solitary
    say it isn't?
    before my earthly light
    no such thing
    long shot
    fasten rudder
    half the business
    please stay on the

    More scraps and pieces of ideas to be divulged as they appear. There appears to be a panorama of creativity which cannot be contained.