Friday, June 12, 2015


Ice, as with objects in general, has a sense of humor.  Especially when paired with a pomegranate.  Even when the pomegranate is dried and is between ice & alstroemeria it holds it's own.  Imagine when it spills its seeds in a spinach salad.

Don't you think the alstroemeria (freshly picked) wishes to come forward.  That's the wisdom of editing.   Or perhaps, the call & response of objects.

Isn't it interesting, that if we check back in a year the following 3 outcomes are likely:

1)  ice won't melt;
2)  alstromeria won't wilt
3)  the pomegranate will not reinvent seeds

And certainly much will be edited -- meals & poems, in particular.  Susan & I will continue our delicious word-folly.

1 comment:

  1. cp

    deliberate apostrophes do nit disappoint
    as when the lemon tree finally blooms--

    when will I notice the first fruit--
    looking for a tall glass?