Monday, June 15, 2015

Por Vida

San Francisco's Mission District is alive with murals. Amazing art. One of my go-to's is on the corner of 24th & Bryant. The huge mural on the side of the building changes frequently. Imagine these 3 images in a row. A new take on icons. I admire these murals -- nothing subtle about them.  Good food can be both subtle & strong & vibrant.  While you're gazing at this art & all the murals in the surrounding blocks, indeed take in some robust food. Indeed, Por Vida.  Words are about to flow.


  1. cp 6/16/15

    lines which say so much
    how do they come to us?

    when we hold our heads up
    and fingers to the heart swear ever to be true

    do you see that table of our youth
    when we sat around waiting for dinner?

    do you hear the voices in the hall
    asking for another chance?

    is it just the other day
    that she showed up uninvited?

    off my bell goes and I run to the first door
    the one I remember telling someone about

    writing it down
    writing it down