Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Land wears water
& water wears away

& those of us in California

make no mistake -- water is food &
water is poetry

& friends are poems as I recall the fabulous lunch of shrimp pesto salad, green bean salad, Italian red wine & an exceptional apple pie.  An unparalleled meal at the home of Linda and Jill. Lauren there too.  Where?  Croton-on-Hudson, of course.

& here's what it looks like put through Waterlogue

Croton Dam, Croton-on-Hudson, NYC.   Croton Dam is the largest hand-hewed structure in the world.  

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  1. cp 227 footsteps /time travel/version continued

    A heavenly breeze sweeps through the sky
    lifting it all to an impossible, laughable height
    to which her ancestors point grandly
    never missing bird or ice or pathways
    with their saintly proclamations
    with their tulips hit by windy evenings
    when it's terribly warm
    when she stands waiting for nothing
    but the footsteps of her lover
    only she can see