Friday, March 27, 2015


I love kimonos.  
I like bridges.  

Here, summer kimono with iris and eight bridges.  Listen, to these ingredients:  hemp, paste resistent-and stencil-dyed, silk and couched metalic thread embroidery, hemp lining with silk lining at hem and sleeve openings.  

What's couched embroidery?  A technique in which yarn or other materials are laid across the surface of the ground fabric and fastened in place with small stitches of the same or different yarn.  

I like recipes.
I love poems.  

Each kimono is a poem.  Each recipe is a bridge to a poem.  

1 comment:

  1. cp 131 crime scene 3

    blonde in kimono dropped off
    digs for key
    car taking off toward bridge
    palming the card down
    it puddles with oil

    peephole to which string has been attached
    leftovers in fridge: yams?
    coordinates of sugar
    subatomic blasts
    anemone in bowl
    burned out oar casing
    marshmallow wrapper in garbage

    where has she gone now?

    "I'm not sure" heard downstairs