Friday, October 31, 2014


 on process

 and which food will be revealed.?  Which poem written for Halloween and who will be remembered?

My Mom gave me a love of reading; my Dad my love of walking.

You do not need
to talk only to people
who are living.
You can talk
with the dead.  Often
they respond before
you seek comfort, advice.
This, no scarier
than a potted geranium
or the cat self-absorbed
in snoring, marks time
by parcels of the empty --
a manifestation
summoning form,
familiar and voices,



 and practical.

Food as poetry is simple and practical (sometimes in a quietly celebratory way).


Today, rain is inspiring.  The lemon tree

as the cat dreams

as flowers (one might call weeds) inspire tomatoes, fuyu persimmons, and an aged pomegranate.

 As a lime oversees Still Life with Knife.  


Measuring Up:  by Ann Biderman

To state the obvious, art is food for thought.  Sometimes food is conceptual art. Especially salads.  And how does a poem measure up?  I don't have a clue.  But what I do know, Ann Biderman is one-of-a-kind, and I'm blessed she's family.   Here's Ann --


Otherwordly is the non sequitur.
Otherworldy is a poem.
Salads benefit from being otherworldly.  As stated previously, salads are non sequiturs.

But did you know, all cacti are succulents.
Not all succulents are cacti.
Succulents is juice or sap in Latin.
Both cacti & succulents are otherworldly -- the non sequiturs of the plant world.


Perhaps not quite what was on the tip of your mind.  Please join haiku in welcoming this handsome 2-year old boy to Kim's home.  Perhaps, he reminds you of someone?   (Answer:  see below).

And the poem?  It's sleeping.  If you listen closely, you can hear snores -- faint & delicate as a well-crafted line break.   As a healthy salad.   


As in pears but the more inedible kind.  Arms with stubby fingers, red from jam.  And this one in front of the house -- deliciously unruly.   Unruly, as most poems.


Almost as strange as cacti though far easier to eat.  And versatile as the taste of a poem.  Peppery or mild --  your call.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Is this an unlikely or unruly salad?  If you knew the ingredients
could you then determing unlikely or unruly?  In contract, 
poetry is both unlikely & unruly.  Often at the same time. Often in different directions. 

(Hint:  the yelow is fuyu persimmons.)

Full disclosure:

Unruly & Unlikely Non Sequitur Salad #101

raw Russian kale
cut fuyu persimmon
sliced Early Girl tomatoes
cooked pork
black pepper  
olive olive
(should there be another time:  add basil, goat cheese)



friends.  haiku on left (recently 11), Kodiak on right.
And in poetry, the unlikely takes the voice & shape
of non sequitur poems.  Of this, I am sure at least
when moon visible.  And in food, the unlikely
manifests as unusual combinations.  The salad
is mostly likely the most non sequitur food I know.


as  in walking because you see so much more at ankle-level when you walk than when driving.  And feet are pens to pavement/road as feet are the musical instrument to poetry.  Who cares?  At ankle-level flowers shine
-- immediate & beguiling.

What of cooking, you ask?  Lots of edible flowers.  But some not.  Like mushrooms, be careful.  Be doubly cautious -- some poetry is lethal.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Non Sequitur

It does not follow

Poems on walls.
Food in poems.

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