Monday, June 9, 2014


As in escarole from Rich's garden.  Or does one wilt greens?  No matter, here's a recipe for eye & mouth.

Braised Escarole with Delightful Color & Taste  (for Rich)

heat up cooked bacon (who doesn't have that on hand?)
add roasted cherry tomatoes (don't have that on hand -- sorry)
braise escarole
serve in a white dish  (perhaps, with leftover frittata with purple potatoes & those same roasted cherry tomatoes).  Top the escarole with diced honey mango.  Black pepper, of course.

Who doesn't love a white dish with a raised rim?
Who doesn't love friends, even if they don't have gardens?

What does this have to do with poetry?  Poetry is food for the eye & mouth.

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  1. I saw the picture you left by the door.
    I pictured the sun you left somewhere
    and tried to draw it through.

    Bright colors in secure holds--
    a look out the window first thing in the morning