Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What intention does a Fuyi persimmon offer poetry?

First, let's admit the Fuyi persimmon's kinship with apples -- red and various.
Next, let's agree that like Fuyi persimmons some poems can be harvested only for a limited time. 
Neither of these conditions, lessens the enjoyment of either.  Or both.

The question is -- is there anything that is ripe (be if vegetable, fruit or word) unconnected?

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  1. H/c

    Her two-pronged love devilled her still
    exascerbated by the most beautiful weather
    in months. A full moon hung in the night sky
    clear and full of mischief, beckoning lunacy

    her body was sleepy after all the walking
    but her mind could not rest, remembering
    a basket of persimmons sent to her father,
    and the small conversation that followed.