Monday, October 28, 2013

How is making that black bean salad like submitting poetry?

What black bean salad, you ask?

2 cans black beans
apples (2) sliced
Fuyi persimmons (also 2) small irregular slices
mixed nuts & raisons from the last hike
liberal handfuls of cherry tomatoes
fresh basil, cut
snap peas slightly steamed
olive oil

The black beans were in the back of the pantry.  Deep reached and resurfacing.
Those last 4 words sum up submitting poetry in my world.

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  1. H/c

    These were the crossroads one always faces on walks
    The silence of the mind is a myth as it races toward image
    She saw herself diving, then surfacing, then struggling, then free
    She wondered about the crops next year, the harvest, the kill