Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Which came first the edamame or the very-brief poem?

Put another way, which comes first Spring or Winter? Careful, place is perspective. As is time. As is taste.
By the way, is "very" unnecessary with "brief." Perhaps, I meant blink poems of which I am intimate. Hope you as well.

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  1. (H.cont.)

    The merchant felt elated as he began his plan
    Entrapment being part of the skill of salespeople
    he felt quite confident as he awaited the delivery
    In a basket of fruit, perhaps a flower or two, and notes

    "A peachless frieze along the merry
    ahhhh--childhood and its incipient rays
    To be freed and freed again along the train rides
    building tracks unobstructed

    a schism below the surface, to say as much"