Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What do fish and poetry have in common?

Properly cooked, fish delights the senses, in particular the mouth.
With the weight of the ripe, a poem also delights the senses, in particular the mouth. What not the ear? No, the mouth of this I am certain.

For the record a recent perfectly cooked Santa Barbara wild bass at Arch Fish inspired the mouth and the pen. I was certain and overjoyed.

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  1. Hypotheticals (continued)

    Once when younger the merchant had aspirations
    he sat down on the wooden bench by the seaside
    and began his series of poems to be sent to the foreman
    Folded in quarters they might entice a confession

    "I watch the water day after day
    the light splintering the sun
    the grey metal shapes traverse the piers
    they load and unload the crates
    full of cars and guns and toys of business

    spring is an aching for recess
    and flight from damages of the heart"