Monday, March 25, 2013

What does olive oil have in common with the paper a poem appears on?

Both are medium. Olive oil for cooking (all dishes, all manner of) and paper for gestures, sometimes poems. All things need a beginning. A go-to, so to speak.

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  1. (H cont.)

    She set out for the household of her cousin
    and on the way met a councilman who bought some peaches
    and he began to also talk about this letter
    which had stirred up trouble in his very yard

    His wife had seen the pastor creep into the window
    of the tailor and noticed he lingered there for hours
    so she naturally wondered if there was a problem in the family
    and told the councilman when he returned for lunch that day

    Having a nephew in the embassy who knew the foreman
    of the factory she invited him to supper hoping to discover
    something relevant to the pastor, the tailor, and the foreman
    while of course the councilman played ignorant and concerned