Thursday, March 28, 2013

How does purple jasmine rice anticipate a poem?

This is the first time cooking and tasting purple jasmine rice. Nutty & sweet. Luscious color. Won't be the last. I'm thinking what poem can converse with --

timbale of purple jasmine rice surrounded on a pretty plate with the followed sauté

fresh ginger, roasted/marinated garlic
shrimp with tails (for the grabbing)
snap peas
a bit of soy sauce

you can eat the color

and what poem ensues after lips licked?

1 comment:

  1. (H. cont.)

    No one doubted that the information
    would be scrutinized by the ambassador
    and decoded for the mail pouch destined
    only to be read by governmental eyes

    But in a moment of panic and confusion
    the nephew confused the tailor with the pastor
    and so began a tangle of mistaken identities
    which left the foreman in the clear