Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How does breakfast inspire a poem?

That's when breakfast centers around the unexpected. Smoked pepper salmon, sliced Persian cucumbers, and the freshest of fresh strawberries (add a leaf of lemon thyme). The next poem written will unlikely be narrative. It's all about color. It's all about the layering of tastes. The striation of sound.

Oh, what a year for strawberries.

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  1. (H. cont.)

    The councilman who was running for re-election
    decided to avert the subject and brought to the table
    a platter of the purveyor's finest strawberries
    The nephew knew this tactic from his days at the embassy

    and decided to return to work that evening
    and forward the intelligence he had gathered
    for it had circulated that very morning in a memo
    that certain confidential information had surfaced

    and the task of every worker in the factory
    was to spread a rumor about the foreman
    so the government would apprehend him
    for crimes he had committed in the past