Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How does a beautifully crafted pizza ensure a fine poem is forthcoming?

First, what beautifully crafted pizza? To cornmeal crust add smoked salmon, tomatoes, goat cheese, olives. This tastes as fine to the mouth as a fine poem would.

A good meal ensure conversation.
What is a poem if not conversation?

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  1. Riding through the mountains outside the town
    the three spoke of the consequences
    of a letter gone astray, and not knowing
    its true author, began to disparage the missive

    The key is to find out who, what and why
    the foreman had interpreted the letter
    and to untangle the misunderstanding
    which had now grown into a crisis of faith

    no immediate relief could be found in the vineyards
    or the depths of the lake surrounding the town
    But the merchant thought a small picnic
    attended by all of the workers might be a start