Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Purple jasmine rice. What is Pjr's connection to the next poem to be written?

It's not usually held as fact but I believe poems anticipate their color and taste. Just as I sit anticipating the aroma of this special rice my body leans toward the black notebook. Seconds before, three fingers lift the fountain pen.
Inevitable is taste. And before than, inevitable is anticipation.

Rice and poems share in common several genes.

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  1. (H) cont.

    All who had sailed in the coastal village
    either to fish or travel for work
    became suspect in the eyes of the foreman
    and he made a note of their name on his rolls

    As they returned from their break by the fountain
    the fragrance of peaches and nostalgia
    on their hands
    he watched them with particular interest
    and saw where they sat and what they did

    Soon it was clear that he knew something
    that was not shared bt anyone else
    and he kept his scret knowledge
    close to him, like a bird