Thursday, February 21, 2013

How do smoked salmon, cucumbers, and strawberries relate to poetry?

Meals and poetry are interwoven. To smoked salmon with a pepper crust add sliced cucumber, and, yes, sliced strawberries. The visual intrigues; taste surprises as the last line of a working poem does. A bit of startle. Perhaps, a bit of breath taken away/given back. In all, the perfect weight of an echo.

I think it's the added panache of strawberry. What do you reckon?

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  1. Hypotheticals (continued)

    We exchanged comments on the weather
    and the sheer madness of things
    No wonder it lasted the morning
    when it became time to break for coffee

    The merchant and his daughter found out the day before
    Some one had invited them to the christening
    and they had no time to prepare, no time
    to purchase a gift so they offered peaches

    Upon receiving the basket of ripe fruit
    the parents exclaimed with joy and laughter
    The merchant and his daughter were welcomed
    as if the peaches were made of gold