Thursday, February 21, 2013

How do carrots predict a poem?

Go-to -- food and word.
Let it known: carrots are one of my go-to foods. In their own right & as a touch of color in a dish sorely in need of such. Right now, "grandmother" is my go-to -- word, voice, shorthand.


saute' carrots in olive oil,
when brown & golden add walnuts, fresh rosemary, twist of pepper
to which can be added grated Parmesan cheese
if time & energy, toss with pasta

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  1. Hypotheticals (continued)

    A circular vessel was brought into the main room
    and they stood around while the priest sang
    The child cried with the agony of displacement, incomprehensible language, heat

    Talk of a longer ceremony was tempered
    so the merchant and his daughter could exit,
    return to their garden in back of the store
    and sip wine, recall a time last summer