Thursday, February 14, 2013

Frittata. How is a frittata akin to a poem?

Well, what kind of frittata? The simplest the best. Thus, two kinds of cheese, dried lemon thyme & pepper. So, you see such a frittata is equivalent to a just-begun poem. When you add a side dish of enhanced olives you're on your way to find an audience.

Minimalist Epic: One instance (bordering on an incantation) of enhanced olives to bring forth an audience

black pitted olives
picholine olives with pit (variety of varietals & pit/no pit all to the good)
tiny plum tomatoes
marinated garlic cloves
almonds, raw
extra fine olive oil

mix & serve with a previously-referenced frittata

made all the better if the cat is sitting across your arm as you type. purrs contribute positively to cooking & the writing experience (inseparable but that's for another discussion)

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  1. (21)

    At long last a sense of the atmosphere
    no longer pressing down

    borne away by good fortune
    we left the crumbling structures

    up and down, coming and going
    all directions without knowing

    A kind of running, like water down a hill
    and wisdom, spirit, questions pulling us back up again

    Pyramids, @ SG, SF, CA 2013
    "The way up and the way down are the same." (Heraclitus)