Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Raspberries. How do raspberries mentor a poem?

By color.
By timbre. Yes, sometimes raspy.
By design. Recalling the work of honeybees and their hives.
By taste. A poem must feel just so in the mouth.

By example. Exemplary of the ripe.

Breakfast soft corn tacos

mix: raspberries, golden cherry tomatoes, snippets of basil, cubes of queso fresco, a twist pepper

warm the corn tacos over stove's flame (electric? out of luck)



the poem will soon reveal its color, timber, physicality, and above all, ripeness

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  1. Mining Towns/ conclusion

    Exercises complete,
    the weary dancer
    does not know how to feel
    where to go

    Mining Towns
    Written on a trip from SF, CA to Silver City, New Mexico
    Challenge: fill 100 pages in 4 days