Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chicken soup. When we cook chicken soup, are we writing a poem for healing?

Healing & praise are essential ingredients of chicken soup. No doubts. Write that down. & so begins the line.

Minimalist Epic: Equal to the chicken as in soup

dried lemons

close to the end of cooking, carrots

and most recent French string beans

First put down generous tablespoons cooked farro then add the chicken soup. Top with pepper, fresh basil.

Always, always the small dish of olives -- green & black. This, equivalent to the pen which fits your hand.

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  1. Mt's p 29

    Sitting in urbane rows, the altitude
    a wren in the buckweed, not to be missed

    She turns up the clavichord, to make it through
    the day. And in the active nave, her last wishes flow

    The silly plans which got to be so wooden
    and the chicken soup in Cincinnati