Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Atypical breakast. How is an atypical breakfast the perfect invitation for a poem?

A poem is never business as usual. What's an atypical breakfast? Probably isn't when you take into account all the cultures. Soup or salad or cheese or meats or fish.

When someone says they heard or read a typical poem, inquire what they ate for breakfast.

Picnic Breakfast to eat while feeding a friend's cat

small hunk sharp cheddar (Dubliner)
a few small prune plums
rice cake (donated by that friend)
3 brown figs

add hummus & carrots (minus rice cake) and you have picnic lunch

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  1. MT's p 27

    Sublime accretion of the obstinate
    first one channel is the street
    the next a whirling crinoline
    which means more to me?
    equally they tell the story of their time

    one two three
    one two three

    the wing of the plane
    metallic and clipped
    intersects the scene