Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why does a mention of poetry often cause a rise in an eyebrow?

If shoulders were involved, would it be a shrug?

Regarding food, eyebrows have never been a delicacy, I believe. Personally, corn dogs makes my eyebrows go kaflooey.


  1. I think you have just written my next microfiction piece.

    "I had never been able to raise one eyebrow. That's how I should have known I wasn't cut out to judge the poetry contest."

    Hmm. It's workable, I think.

  2. triangles

    simmering soup pots seem always
    on the edge of boil
    and so as tense and calm
    as the next line
    the next word
    the next gesture found
    out on the playground
    off in the bushes
    dropped in a chase scene
    prefigured in a misplaced