Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Solution. Does a poem offer one?

Or are words to be taken at face value like coins. Then again currency is quixotic & volatile. If any left, to what use put?

Ingredients, a meal’s solution. Leftovers being the supreme ones.

Leftover (Jasmine) Rice Salad #9

cooked Jasmine rice to which add:

cooked sliced asparagus
olive oil
lemon thyme
roasted almonds
diced purple (yes, purple) baby carrots
grind pepper to taste

Never eat alone! Share your words.


  1. The poem is the solution. The problem is the initial inspiration: a word, a phrase, an idea, a thought, a person, a place, a painting, etc. Craft is the process of working out the solution to the problem.

  2. Interlocutory

    again the scrim must summon sun
    and shade again the shadows
    one rose in the garden still in bloom
    even as winter rains are here again

    how does she fare, I ask
    one who walks by the water