Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is etymology the unseen glue in a poem?

Because each word matters? Because where each word comes from matters. Land and inspiration.

What is the origin of any soup? Each ingredient and its subsequent absence. For instance, the removal of spent vegetables in a stock, and, of course, the ridden bay leaf.

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  1. it's not the same without

    a scene

    in which the young gal makes

    the best of it

    her family's spoilt

    by time and miles

    but she sends them trinkets


    a roll of this

    a flat of that

    a taped together button

    too great to haul

    with the necessary


    a ribbon anyway

    a coin from faraway

    that trip they took

    the treasure they found

    now in another's hands

    all shaky from disbelief