Sunday, December 12, 2010

How is a blurb like a title of a poem?

Both herald a poem.
Or is it the other way round: How is a title, a blurb?
Much debate these days about the efficacy of blurbs.

What if, recipes were titled with more forward-sounding language?

RICE SALAD FOR DEMETER and the rest of us, too

Jasmine rice (cooked)
peeled mandarins (or similar)
seeded pomegranate
roasted almonds
lemon thyme
olive oil

mix. enjoy.

P.S. What’s forward-sounding language? Lemony???

1 comment:

  1. Report for Duty

    brass key ring

    doubles as can opener

    and fortune cookie

    paper wrapped sugar crusted

    reality in every bite

    not the tea, not there

    she cries in her old age

    just the cookie please

    and my dream spent

    dozing on the continental