Monday, March 29, 2010

Does a poet write until a poem is perfect?

What’s perfect?

One definition says, “It is finished.”

No answers; just the work.

Babette’s Feast in a flurry of perfect, finished off many gourmands.

I prefer simple:

Ocean Beach
white wine
bread w/cheeses
@ perfect temperature
lunch meat/Prosciutto
one addition
(not on the food menu)
makes perfect


  1. But sometimes the "one addition" is perfect. :)

  2. Beach with Crackers

    Now and then a fabulous
    pendant falls from grace
    and two folks coagulate
    without a reason
    Metaphysics take a back seat
    in the carpark by the hills
    All's awash before the Great
    Bering Straits, ball's in the air
    storm's on the horizon
    all systems go