Saturday, February 20, 2010

What is known by the way a line of poetry ends?

When I heard Joni Mitchell’s "Blue", I become smitten with enjambment. Not saying I’m opposed to end-stopping or caesura. I perceive a connection between enjambment and seasonal fruit. The largess of the ripe is akin to the run-on line.

Speaking of which, kumquats have hit the local markets, clamshells of tiny setting suns. When kumquats are fresh, there’s no stopping eating them in their entirety – skin, pith, seed. Isn’t the sound of the words (kumquat/enjambment) a meal in and of itself?

Try this:
kumquats, cherry tomatoes, marinated Black Mission figs w/fennel seed, almonds, Bulgarian feta on spinach. Drizzle olive oil from the marinated figs. Especially good-to-go on the color. Now, listen to "Blue."

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