Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do you take your poems for a walk?

Feet were the measure of rhythm eons before Wordsworth did his on-the-hoof composing. How did he remember so many words? Perhaps, Dorothy was scribe. On the best of walking, feet-down it’s Rebecca Solnit’s Wanderlush: A History of Walking (Penguin, 2001).

Back on track and ready to roam, wear comfy shoes, have pen/paper at the ready. Pay attention to your breath. Pay attention to your leg-length. Perhaps, the latter is called stride. Perhaps, it is music of a line break.

Remember to pack a peanut butter/jam sandwich. “Yum, yum,” as my friend is wont to say.

1 comment:

  1. while
    reading the master
    I got sick of cleverness
    and all that it surrounds

    hinnies and hoofprints along the way
    braying at the rot and gold

    blueberries bramble as we walked the lake
    my stories of pies and diplomacy

    assuming ducks
    patents pending