Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why is January 12 auspicious for poets & lovers of poetry?

Begins with a birthday. Dan Waber’s, to be exact. Dan tells it best.

44 today, and I've been doing a lot of thinking about root causes.
I declare January 12th to be International Buy a Book of Poetry Day
Buy a book of poetry today. Buy it for yourself or as a gift. Pass along the word. Celebrate every January 12 with poetry book-buying.

Paper Kite Press Studio & Gallery
Naissance and chapbookpublisher.com
Dan Waber's digital doings

OK, you’re reading this post late. The first year you get one day’s grace period.
Once you buy your book, let me know by posting a comment on this blog.

MMMM! What food is celebratory for a birthday? Well haiku, the 6 year old kitty recently celebrated his birthday with this menu:

haiku’s menu

Natural Value: pate style chicken dinner
Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance
San Francisco’s finest tap water and treats

Friend’s menu


roasted onions
roasted carrots
curried almonds
green olives with zealous garlic, bay leave & thyme


tomato, persimmon, cilantro
snap peas and mushroom
wild rice with apple and dried fruit (roasted walnuts, optional)
roasted beets dressed with orange (goat cheese, optional)
bean (not-green) with roasted peppers and TBA


Herb-crusted salmon
Baked tofu


purrs and your company
cheeses & marinated figs with fennel
birthday cake by Aunt Pat

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  1. Hi Kit -- In the spirit if not the exact letter of your post (I didn't buy the book on January 12, but last month), I offer "Here, Bullet," by Brian Turner, about his time serving in Iraq. I had heard him read his poem "Eulogy" on the radio, in my car, and I almost drove off the road with sudden tears. Susan