Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The power of a single letter

Of course, I'm thinking of "a."  Adopt and adapt.  haiku, this gorgeous, precocious kitty came to live with me 11 years ago today.  Yup, adopt.  Regarding, adapt, see below.  The debonair and all-knowing Dumbledore and the talk of the jewelry world, Sweetie (note her signature pink heart).

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The only thing sweeter to me

than a persimmon is a cat & a persimmon.  Intention carves reality and reality knows a good persimmon and a fine kitty.  By the way have you noticed how the seasonal is never singular? How a word rarely stays singular?  How a meal is made more savory by sharing a persimmon?


Who can resist a blooming succulent?   A bloom of vibrant red or yellow coming out of the unexpected.   Otherworldly and comforting as a cup of tea.  Nature is one interconnected art collaboration.
Let's remember to show up as an enthusiastic audience.  There is joy aplenty in witnessing such.

What the empty remembers

No vase if truly empty.

The same true of a dish.

There is no such thing as a blank page for at one time, the page knew words.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Small green flame

My grandmother insisted there was a small green flame in the center of everything that matters.  I feel that way about poetry.  I feel that way about a meal shared with friends.  Here's to the small green flame in all that matters.

Tulip star

Tulips are favorite flowers of mine.  I am always delighted & made shy by their sexy insides.  Meals should be like tulips.  And remember, a tulip, especially purple-hued, is pure poem.

Because I looked down

I came face-to-face with his magical green being.  For years I've waited at that green bench early Sunday morning to catch the #48 Bus for the uphill ride to Portola Drive.  Only this Sunday, did I see what has been at my feet.  This is why I love cities -- unexpected pleasures like a meal that tastes beyond expectation, like a poem that takes away and then gives back breath.  Now, what will I notice the next time I look up?  And to the artist of this magic -- thank you!