Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Broccolo Romanesco.  Chartreuse & fracal.  What a combination.  Mini-kingdoms.  Haiku on a stalk. Break about the Romanesco and roast with garlic & olive oil & smoked paprika.  Unexpected and perfect.  Indeed like a haiku.

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  1. Wandering the realm of my childhood, I recall a fence painted in many colors, and stealing the cigarette butts of my parents' partygoers, tasting their leftover cocktails and becoming sick with new knowledge, new tastes. I rode my bike holding onto a wooden box of baseball cards, and fell, cutting my lip. The scar remains. I do not know what became of my baseball card collection, or the baseball signed by the new york yankees acquired on a day at the field. Pictures show a small girl bundled in a catcher's uniform, the front cushioned in the form of a caterpillar, the face hidden by a mask, the knees bent over sneakers, the glove held up to receive the awful thud of a softball. They let her play anytime, in daylight or dusk, out in the yards of many houses, many years ago.